Preventative Maintenance For your Car in White Bear Lake

Getting the most out of your vehicle is as simple as implementing a preventative maintenance plan at our White Bear Lake MN auto repair shop. Let’s be honest for a moment—there’s no getting around the normal wear-and-tear of a vehicle, making preventative maintenance that much more important. The philosophy behind it

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Save Money by Maintaining Your Old(er) Car

For most, a new car is the second largest investment you can make next to a home. A good way to save money and to increase financial assets is to hang on to your current vehicle and have it maintained at your local White Bear Lake auto repair, rather than purchase

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Why to Have A Reliable Auto Repair Shop Change Your Oil

Engine oil is one of the most important fluids in your car. But sometimes, having the oil changed at your reliable Vadnais Heights auto repair every 5,000 miles can seem a bit excessive. We realize that oil changes can creep up on you—and though it may feel like 5,000 miles isn’t a long enough

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