3 Small Routine Repairs That You May Forget About

Posted April 2, 2024

A trusted auto repair shop can help you stay on track with the small routine repairs that are sometimes forgotten. Keeping your car in top shape requires addressing these regular repairs. Here are some small repairs an auto repair shop can help with!

1. Replacing Wiper Blades

Windshield wipers are an important safety feature. These are items that require replacement regularly. According to The Balance, windshield wipers should be replaced annually. Wiper blades are relatively inexpensive and are equally easy to repair. This is a small repair that can greatly affect safety. Wipers play a vital role in ensuring clear vision while you’re driving. Staying on the suggested maintenance schedule and replacing the wiper blades yearly (or in some cases more frequently, depending on climate factors and usage) will ensure safe driving.

2. Air Filter Replacement

Air filters are used in the vehicle’s engine and cabin. As the name suggests, they filter out the air that flows through your vehicle. Air filter replacement is often an overlooked minor repair. Manufacturers have different recommendations for filter replacement. A mechanic will be able to keep you on schedule. Replacing the engine’s air filter can help improve gas economy. An engine air filter replacement can improve overall engine performance. The cabin’s air filter helps keep the cabin air healthy and can help avoid unwanted odor build-up.

3. Transmission Maintenance Care

Transmission maintenance is an essential service. It’s a small repair often overlooked until there is a problem. A transmission flush removes all the old transmission and replaces it with new fluid.

Other overlooked small repairs include tire rotations, suspension checks, and other fluid checks. Paying attention to small repairs can help you to avoid large repairs. Staying on top of regular repairs like belt replacement can keep you from getting stuck on the side of the road and piling up costs. Hose replacement, brake maintenance, oil changes, and more are all necessary repairs.

Partnering with a trusted auto repair shop is the best way to ensure you stay on schedule with small repairs. Working with a team of professionals will keep your vehicle in tip-top condition and save you significant money. Call AM-PM Automotive today to finish all those little repairs you have been putting off.

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