3 Mechanic Scams and How to Avoid Them

Posted August 15, 2023

While there are many great mechanics out there who will ensure that you get a fair deal, there are also some unscrupulous ones who may try to take advantage of you. Fortunately, if you know how some common scams work, they’re easier to spot and avoid. Of course, the best way to avoid mechanic scams is to find a reputable mechanic that you can develop a lasting relationship with. However, it never hurts to keep a close eye out for the three scams below.

1. Overcharging for Parts and Labor

Some mechanics will steeply mark up the prices for parts and labor. It’s smart to ask for a breakdown of any potential repairs. Then you can see how much they are charging for a specific part or component, among other things. Once you have their price, you can compare it with prices on the internet or ask other repair shops for quotes. Keep in mind, however, that higher-quality parts will typically cost more than cheap knockoffs.

2. Making Unnecessary Repairs

Sometimes mechanics will replace things that don’t actually need to be replaced. A mechanic might claim that your oil pan is wearing out and needs to be swapped out, but in truth, it’s fine. However, even if something isn’t broken, if the mechanic replaces it, they can still charge you and make money.

Some unscrupulous mechanics will do this with simple maintenance parts, like windshield wipers. They might claim that the wipers should be replaced say every three or six months, but according to The Balance, many drivers will only need to change them about once every 12 months. Furthermore, the mechanic might overcharge for the wipers, or they might charge a high labor cost for a relatively simple job.

3. Not Honoring Warranties

If your car is under warranty, the repairs may be covered. However, some mechanics may try to charge you for covered repairs anyway. Additionally, some mechanics will offer a warranty on their work, but then refuse to honor it should a customer need to exercise it. It’s smart to check out reviews on social media to see if you can learn anything about warranties.

Unfortunately, the above scams aren’t the only ones you’ll encounter. Most mechanics are honorable, reputable folks, but it’s important to keep an eye out, as there’s always a possibility you may run into an unscrupulous mechanic. Looking for a trustworthy mechanic you can count on to do the job right for a fair price? Contact AM-PM Automotive Repair today to schedule service!

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