5 of the Most Common Car Repairs

Posted April 20, 2023

Maintenance and repairs help keep your vehicle in excellent condition. According to BrandonGaille, four out of every five car repairs happen because of vehicle resilience issues. People take vehicles to an auto shop for many reasons, but these are some of the most common types of car repairs.

1. Brake Repairs

Every vehicle needs reliable brakes, so it’s important to have brakes inspected regularly. Brake pads wear down with regular use, and when this happens, replacement is necessary. People may also take their car in if their brakes make unusual sounds, like squeaking or grinding noises. If there’s an issue with your car’s brakes, don’t wait to have it checked out!

2. Catalytic Converter Replacement

When a vehicle’s catalytic converter malfunctions, it can make it less efficient. Catalytic converters also play a crucial role in reducing emissions. While replacing this part is often costly, it could save you money. A new catalytic converter can improve your vehicle’s mileage, lowering fuel costs.

3. Spark Wire and Plug Repairs

If your car doesn’t start, you’ll want to have it taken to an auto shop right away. These problems are often related to a vehicle’s spark plugs or wires. While spark plugs fail for many reasons, this issue could be related to another problem with your car, such as a clogged air filter or fuel injectors that need cleaning.

4. Thermostat Repairs and Replacement

A thermostat inside your engine measures its temperature. When the engine gets hot, the thermostat lets coolant flow through the vehicle’s radiator. If there’s something wrong with your thermostat, your engine could overheat, damaging parts inside your vehicle. It’s best to have your car looked at immediately if your engine is unusually hot.

5. Head Gasket Replacement

You may be concerned if you’ve noticed coolant or another fluid leaking from your vehicle. Leaks happen for many reasons, but a common source of leaks is a faulty head gasket. Your car’s head gasket plays a critical role in sealing engine cylinders, and if it’s not working properly, you’ll have to deal with leaks and other problems.

It’s wise to take your vehicle to an auto shop whenever you notice a problem. Driving a damaged vehicle is unsafe, and putting off repairs could make the problem worse. Regular repairs are the best way to protect you and your car. Contact AM-PM Automotive Repair today if your vehicle needs repair work.

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