Tire Rotation 101

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tire rotation

No matter what make or model your vehicle might be, it needs to be equipped with healthy tires in order to perform effectively. As such, keeping your tires in good shape should be a big part of your vehicle’s maintenance plan and regular tire rotation should be a cornerstone of that plan. The life of a tire improves by a factor of 20 pct. when regular rotation is conducted which will ensure you get your …… ( more )

Is It Tune-Up Time?

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No matter how sophisticated they get here in the 21st century, automobiles still need to be tended to regularly and have the occasional tune-up performed in order to ensure optimum mechanical performance. But how do you know when to have a tune-up performed on your vehicle? As a rule of thumb, you should have your vehicle’s oil changed every 3,000 miles while your other fluids and filters should be serviced every 30,000 miles or so. …… ( more )

Replace Your Timing Belt and Save Money

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timing belt

The first time most drivers think about the timing belt in their vehicle is when the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule says it needs to be replaced. Other, less-observant drivers aren’t so lucky. These drivers are often lamenting a problem they didn’t know they had when the timing belt brakes and leaves them stranded on the side of the road with a repair bill of several thousand dollars. There’s an easy way to keep yourself and …… ( more )

Summertime Battery Maintenance

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battery maintenance

If you think the summer weather is easier on your battery than the frigid winter months and that battery maintenance can be ignored at this time of year, think again. While warmer temperatures can enhance a battery’s capacity by making it easier to for the engine to turn over, additional heat can also cause an increase in the rate at which the battery deteriorates. When the temperature is warmer, the current conducting grids corrode faster, …… ( more )

Improve Your MPG This Summer

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Summer will soon be arriving in Ramsey County and while we’re all enjoying the warm weather and being outdoors, the hottest season of the year can also wreak havoc on your vehicle’s gas mileage. Here are a few tips on how to avoid racking up extra fuel costs by improving your vehicle’s MPG performance when you’re on the road this summer: Check Your Air Filter. Driving around with a dirty air filter can affect fuel …… ( more )

Air Filter Factoids

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air filter

With National Car Care Month taking place in April, it’s as good a time as any to learn more about certain vehicle components, including your air filter! Here are some facts about air filters to consider this month: • Much controversy surrounds how often an air filter should actually be replaced… • Some repair facilities will try and get you to buy one with every oil change… • While some have believe that it rarely …… ( more )

Braking in Cold Weather

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Winter is definitely in full swing here in Minnesota with chilly temperatures on the horizon for the foreseeable future. While the frigid weather and various forms of precipitation that tend to proliferate in this part of the country at this time of year present rather obvious challenges to drivers, unseen threats can in fact be just as, if not more, dangerous. Consider your emergency brake. As you’re parking in cold weather, the emergency brake may …… ( more )

Common Problems with Coolant/Antifreeze

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The job of coolant is to keep your engine running at the appropriate temperature. Also known as antifreeze, coolant prevents both overheating and freezing, making it a vital component for your vehicle. If your coolant isn’t functioning properly, your engine is at risk for significant damage. As such, it is recommended that you have your coolant checked every time you get your oil changed. Some coolant/antifreeze-related problems that can arise include: Deposits. Over time, contaminants …… ( more )

Wintertime Car Battery Maintenance

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car battery

As we reach the zenith of winter here in Ramsey County, you will undoubtedly be contending with a lot of issues as you try and stay warm and safe while faced with a variety of weather-related issues. One of the most common and most frustrating ordeals to contend with during the winter months is a dead car battery. Low temperatures affect your battery in a couple of ways. First, since oil has a tendency to …… ( more )

Minor Collision, Major Consequences

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black ice

Roads in Ramsay County can be extremely volatile during the winter months, with snow and ice taking turns making life difficult for drivers. The most dreaded element of all, black ice, is also an omnipresent danger as temperatures fluctuate and moisture hardens quickly. When icy patches are hard to see, the odds of drivers hitting a curb after briefly losing control of their vehicles become much greater. Colliding with a curb may seem like a …… ( more )