Replace Your Timing Belt and Save Money

Posted May 3, 2021

The first time most drivers think about the timing belt in their vehicle is when the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule says it needs to be replaced.

Other, less-observant drivers aren’t so lucky. These drivers are often lamenting a problem they didn’t know they had when the timing belt brakes and leaves them stranded on the side of the road with a repair bill of several thousand dollars.

There’s an easy way to keep yourself and your vehicle in the first group – follow your vehicle’s maintenance schedule!

Timing belts should be replaced before they put your vehicle at risk for a breakdown.

The timing belt is a critical component in your vehicle because it controls several other components in your engine that keep your vehicle running. In interference engines, the pistons and valves that control the release of air and gas in a combustion engine are precisely situated in the engine. They must operate perfectly in sync in order for the combustion cycle to be completed accurately.

The pistons and valves must move in coordinated motions to avoid interfering with a neighboring component’s function. That’s where the timing belt comes in – the timing belt controls the timing of these motions so that the pistons and valves never hit each other.

But if the belt brakes, the precise control of motion in the engine is out of sync. The pistons may move too early or too late. If they hit and break the valve, you may need to replace the entire engine!

Timing belts in vehicles are designed to control the vital systems in your engine so they work together exactly the way they should. Because the belt is made of rubber and functions in the high-stress, high-heat environment of the engine, it will become worn over time.

Unfortunately there are no obvious warning signs for your timing belt. If drivers don’t notice or miss the recommended replacement date, the timing belt is at a higher risk of breaking.

Don’t leave your family at risk. Come to AM-PM Automotive Repair! Our technicians will keep track of the maintenance schedule for your vehicle and recommended the services you need. Preventative maintenance can save you thousands by keeping your vehicle running efficiently and avoiding costly breakdowns. To learn more about timing belt replacement or schedule any service, call us at 651-426-0462 or request an appointment online.

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