Summertime Battery Maintenance

Posted July 5, 2021

If you think the summer weather is easier on your battery than the frigid winter months and that battery maintenance can be ignored at this time of year, think again. While warmer temperatures can enhance a battery’s capacity by making it easier to for the engine to turn over, additional heat can also cause an increase in the rate at which the battery deteriorates.

When the temperature is warmer, the current conducting grids corrode faster, reducing the lifespan of your battery.

High temperatures also increase the rate of sulfation your battery endures. Lead sulfate naturally forms on both electrodes as the battery discharges. If recharge starts right away, the sulfate is easily recharged. However, if the sulfate is not immediately recharged, it will begin to grow into large crystals which are not easily recharged. This crystal growth is known as “sulfation” and occurs faster at high temperatures. Sulfation can eventually lead to battery failure.

If your battery is in storage, be sure to follow the battery manufacturer’s recommended specifications for storage temperature. Turn off the electronics. Electronics, the main source of parasitic loads, play a significant role in draining the battery of its charge. Be sure to shut down all electronics before exiting the vehicle, especially if the engine will remain inactive for long periods. Inactive engines have more time to discharge otherwise healthy batteries.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding battery maintenance at this or any time of year, be sure to give our auto experts a call at 651-426-0462 or click HEREto book an appointment online!

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