AM-PM Auto Repair Tip: Clean Fuel Injectors Improve Your Fuel Efficiency

Posted March 21, 2012

Did you know that fuel injectors are extremely critical components that keep ignites easier and burns more evenly and efficiently, which saves you money by improving your gas mileage and increasing horsepower?

Vehicle fuel systems are generally very clean nowadays because today’s gasoline is designed for fuel injection and there are filters in the system that trap a bulk of unwanted dirt. However, some dirt can get past the filters, especially in vehicles driven at low speed for long periods of time. A gummy residue can also form after a hot engine is turned off, which can then leave an uneven spray for its next use.

Fixing these problems can save your fuel and increase your horsepower.

Symptoms that could indicate that you have dirty fuel injectors include:

· Hard starting

· Rough idle

· Poor overall performance

· Decreased gas mileage

These symptoms can be resolved with proper fuel injector maintenance! Oour trusted White Bear Lake MN auto repair shop, where our automotive mechanics are ASE-Certified, can see whether it needs a cleaning or a full fuel injector system service.

It is generally recommended that injectors get cleaned at least every 30,000 miles or 24 months. Consider it a tune up for your fuel system because it can improve fuel efficiency and increase horsepower!

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