AM-PM Auto Repair Tips: Safety First

Posted April 15, 2012

A vehicle is the second largest investment one can make, next to a home. But all too often, the idea of trading in your old ride for an updated, newer version seems like a great idea. The temptation comes from multiple sources—commercials, billboards, newspaper ads, even seeing other cars driving on the road. But in the grand scheme of things, keeping your current vehicle around make the most sense financially, especially with the help of our White Bear Lake Auto repair shop!

Let’s say you’ve overcome all temptation to purchase a new vehicle. You want to save money, and keeping your current vehicle is the right avenue for this. But how do you start? If your car needs repairs or a preventative maintenance check prioritizing specific services will make things more manageable for you and your wallet.

Here’s the math: by keeping your current vehicle for ten years instead of constantly investing in new ones, you could save up to $250,000! Here are a few tips to help you start saving now, since we could always use a little extra cash:

1st Priority: First and foremost is your safety, and prepping your vehicle for the worst is no exception. You’ll want to start with your braking system, tires and your steering system. Should any of these systems fail while you’re on the road, it could be life threatening. Ask yourself: when was the last time your brakes were checked? Do they make a funny noise when you use them? Are your tires worn down? Does your car pull to one side or the other? These issues are warning signs that should be brought up when you take your vehicle to our Bellaire auto repair shop for a preventative maintenance checkup.

2nd Priority: Once you’ve directly taken care of safety issues, you’ll want to address anything that could potentially leave you stranded on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck. This includes your radiator hoses, timing belts, fuel lines, and constant velocity (CV) joints.

3rd Priority: Find an auto service center that employs ASE-Certified technicians. They’ll take the time to know your vehicle inside and out to know exactly what your vehicle needs to stay healthy. By distinguishing exactly what your vehicle needs, they’ll fix your issues the first time, leaving money in your wallet and giving you more time on the road.

If you have any questions regarding your vehicle’s safety, consult an ASE-Certified technician today at your local White Bear Lake Auto Repair!

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