Weird & Surprising Auto Laws from across the Country

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We’re all too familiar with parking and speeding tickets… but did you know it’s illegal to cross state lines with a duck on your head in Minnesota? The auto repair experts at AM-PM Automotive Repair are here to keep you informed and keep your vehicle safe – give us a call at 651-426-0462 for vehicle maintenance and stay safely on the roads in White Bear Lake. From common sense to just plain weird, there are …… ( more )

3 Cat Litter Auto Myths – True or False?

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Kitty litter often makes an appearance in lists for auto emergency kits or winter safety tips – but why is this strange “tool” so popular? What is it for? Does it really work? Here, we address three “myths” about cat litter to help you stay safe on slick winter roads in White Bear Lake, MN. Before you find yourself stuck (without cat litter), make sure your car can handle winter conditions – call our team …… ( more )

Putting together your Auto Emergency Kit

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No matter how carefully you drive, emergencies happen. Whether it’s an inconvenient flat tire, a bad car accident, or unpredictable weather, the last thing you want is to be stuck unprepared, stranded on the side of the road. And while emergencies may be inevitable, you can be ready to handle common situations with an auto emergency kit! Auto emergency kits can be purchased in most auto parts stores, online, and even at stores like Walmart, …… ( more )

Defensive Driving for Safety on the Road in White Bear Lake

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Being a safe driver is a great place to start when it comes to avoiding accidents, but driving defensively takes road safety to a whole new level. We’ve compiled a few defensive driving tips to help you stay safer on the road, avoid accidents, and have a more pleasant driving experience in general. Mirrors and Seat – Seeing around and behind your car is the first step to defensive driving. Adjusting your mirrors and seat are …… ( more )

AM-PM Auto Repair: Winter Checklist in White Bear Lake

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While it’s recommended you visit an auto service to have maintenance performed on your vehicle every 3 months, there’s plenty of simple, minor maintenance items you can manage yourself to ensure a healthy vehicle. We’ve broken down a checklist that allows you to inspect something minor on your car for literally seconds every morning before your commute. So while you’re enjoying your morning coffee or perhaps right before you take off for work, check these …… ( more )

AM-PM Auto Repair Tip: An Emergency Kit? Preposterous!

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So here we are in the thick of summer. You can wear a t-shirt all through the night without getting cold, blockbuster action movies are being released every weekend, and you’re probably gearing up for an all-American road trip if you haven’t already. While you’re packing your vehicle and getting a tune-up at a (keyword), don’t forget to back an emergency kit! An emergency kit can save you time, money, and stress in case of …… ( more )

AM-PM Auto Repair Tips: Safety First

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A vehicle is the second largest investment one can make, next to a home. But all too often, the idea of trading in your old ride for an updated, newer version seems like a great idea. The temptation comes from multiple sources—commercials, billboards, newspaper ads, even seeing other cars driving on the road. But in the grand scheme of things, keeping your current vehicle around make the most sense financially, especially with the help of …… ( more )