Why You Should Never Ignore Brake Trouble

Posted June 21, 2023

Brake problems are serious business, and the need for brake repair shouldn’t be ignored. According to Dyer, Garofalo, Mann & Schultz, 5% of the car crashes that occur each year in the U.S. are caused by brake failure. If you’re experiencing any type of problem with your brakes, it’s time to schedule a brake repair appointment.

Brake Problems Make Your Car Unsafe

Without properly functioning brakes, your car is unsafe. There are no two ways about it; if you have brake issues, your car shouldn’t be on the road. Faulty brakes can make your car slow to stop. This inability to stop can cause fender benders and even worse. If you notice that your brakes are slow, squeaking, or making any unusual sound, it’s time to have them checked. If you put off fixing the problem, you’re putting yourself in a dangerous situation.

Ignoring the Problem Can Make It Worse

Like most other auto issues, the sooner you get your brakes fixed, the better. When caught early enough, your repair can be as simple as switching out your brake pads. However, when you put off addressing the issue, the problem will worsen. As soon as you notice any problem associated with your brakes, call for an appointment right away. You’ll not only avoid the risks that come with faulty brakes, but you’ll also save money too.

You Can Be Held Liable for Any Damage You Cause

Brake failure is a common cause of accidents. If the brakes on your car aren’t working right and you continue to drive, you can be held liable for any damage you cause. Car accidents that result from faulty brakes can cause serious damage and injury. If you know your brakes aren’t working right and you continue to drive, you could find yourself in legal hot water. The best way to prevent this from happening is to have any and all brake issues repaired as soon as they arise. No one wants to deal with financial liability caused by an easily-avoidable situation.

If your car is in need of brake repair, AM-PM Automotive is here to help you. Contact us immediately to schedule your repair appointment. We’ll get your car fixed and safely back on the road!

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