Why You Shouldn’t Skip Out on an Oil Change

Posted October 24, 2022

We’re all busy and looking for ways to save time. But we’re here to warn you, oil changes aren’t one of those things you want to skip out on. While it may cut an item off your schedule, for now, it can lead to more significant, long-term issues for your vehicle. Keep reading to learn why oil changes are a must-do maintenance item for your car or truck, especially as we head into the cold weather season.

1. To Prepare for Weather Changes

Your vehicle’s oil needs will change when temperatures drop. According to Consumer Reports, motor oil thickens in colder weather. This can make it harder for your engine to operate properly. A trusted auto technician can advise you on what oil formula is best for your car or truck and when to make adjustments to keep pace with the changing seasons. With the right motor oil, you can rest assured that your engine has what it needs to work as it should.

2. To Make Sure Everything Runs Properly

Don’t overlook the value of brake maintenance. Every good oil change will also include a check of your brake fluids, as this fluid is as important to your brakes as motor oil is to your engine. Neglecting your brake fluids can lead to poor brake performance. During an oil change, ask for your brake fluids to be topped off. This will ensure your brakes stay properly lubricated and in peak working order for longer.

3. To Improve Your Car’s Overall Performance

You can improve your MPG this winter. This may come as a surprise, but have you heard that cold weather can actually lower your car’s gas mileage? This is true even for cars that traditionally get great gas mileage. Once temps reach below 20 degrees, most lose over 10% of their MPG as compared to what can be expected on a warm summer day. With regular oil changes, you can improve your MPG by having seasonally-appropriate oil in your vehicle. Oil changes are also a perfect time to check for leaks, which can cause your engine to work harder than it has to.

Our maintenance experts at AM-PM Automotive recommend oil changes every 5,000 to 7,000 miles. If you’re within that range, or just want a thorough tune-up before winter, reach out to our team of seasoned experts and technicians. We’ll ensure your vehicle is ready for the harsh, cold temperatures we can expect to see soon.

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