Brake Pads and Rotor Maintenance

Posted July 20, 2016

The vehicle brake system is simple, with brake pads grabbing the rotor to stop your vehicle. The rotor is attached to the hub where it spins with the wheel. When you step on the brakes, it’s the pad grabbing the rotor that slows you down. This rotor should be glass-smooth. When the pads take hold, you experience an even and easy stop.

But when the brake pads get worn, the pad can become so thin that it exposes the metal components. Metal on metal will damage your brakes, scoring and wearing out the rotor, and you’ll need to replace the rotors sooner.

Ignoring thin brake pads may save you a few dollars now, but it can cost you down the road. If your brakes are damaged both the pads and rotors (if not more) will need to be replaced.

Because the brakes are exposed to the outside environment, dirt and contaminants can get inside the brakes. If you notice a strange sound when you brake, you may have a rock or gravel inside your car brakes.

Not only will this cause your brakes to grind and scrape metal off the rotor, it could result in a $1000 repair! If you notice ratting or screeching as you brake, bring your vehicle to AM-PM Automotive Repair in White Bear Lake.

Brake Inspections

Our certified technicians will thoroughly inspect your brake system to find the culprit, make sure your brake pads and rotors and in safe condition, and get you back to drive and stop safely on the roads in White Bear Lake.

With proper maintenance, your brake pads and rotor will be able to stop your vehicle safely and avoid costly repairs. The best way to prevent damage to your brake system is with regular inspections and paying attention to warning signs. At the first sign of a problem, call our experienced technicians at 651-426-0462. We’ll make sure your family stays safe in your vehicle. Request an appointment online.

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