Safety Tips for Changing a Flat Tire

Posted August 22, 2016

Even if you understand the basic steps to changing a flat tire, there are a lot of risks to changing a flat tire on the road. After dark, busy streets, or unintentional damage to your car… keep yourself, your family, and your vehicle safe with these tips to safely change a flat tire.

Safety comes first. Look for a flat area with a wide shoulder. Low traffic areas are best. If you are on a highway or interstate, exit first if your car can make it. Park with the flat tire away from traffic so you won’t be facing traffic as you change the tire. If you can’t find a safe spot to change the tire, call for help – 651-426-0462. It isn’t worth risking the safety of you or your passengers.

Turn on your hazard lights. Especially in areas of low light or high traffic, it is important to alert other drivers of your presence on the road.

Use gloves. The force needed to loosen the lug nuts can be hard on your hands. Wearing leather gloves can protect you from cuts, scratches, and grease as you change the tire.

Place the jack carefully. Before you start raising the jack, make sure you place it in the correct place. Some vehicles include marked areas behind the tire or a diagram in the owner’s manual with the best place to set the jack. If you lift the car in the wrong area, you may damage other systems underneath your car.

Check your spare tire. Even if you have never used the spare tire, latent problems could emerge. Make sure the spare tire is available when you need it most by checking it regularly. Test for tire pressure and watch for worn areas on the tire itself.

Have your vehicle inspected. Bring your vehicle to an auto shop with trained and certified technicians, like AM-PM Automotive Repair, and ask for an inspection. The tire affects other systems of your vehicle and a flat can be a sign of a bigger problem. Finding and fixing issues early (like misalignment of the tires) early can save you money. You’ll maximize the life of your tires and reduce the risk for flats on the road!

The experienced technicians at our auto repair shop in White Bear Lake will perform safety inspection to identify any warning signs and make sure the tires, as well as related systems like steering, suspension, and alignment, are all working together properly.

If you experienced a flat tire, bring your vehicle straight to AM-PM Automotive Repair at 3696 Scheuneman Rd in White Bear Lake. Better yet, avoid a flat tire with a tire and vehicle safety inspection – request an appointment online.

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