AM-PM Auto Repair- Retaining Resale Value

Posted August 16, 2012

Buying a car is a big commitment, but not for life. It’s not like marriage, having kids, or even your cell phone contract with Verizon. So let’s just face the facts here: Eventually, you’re going to trade in your old ride for a newer, better, more fuel efficient model. That said, it’s important to retain your vehicle’s resale value so you get the most out of it when you either sell or trade in the future. Here’s a quick list from our local Bellaire Auto Repair shop of what do to retain your vehicle’s resale value:

Keep it Clean!

When trading in vehicle or shopping for one, would you even look twice at a car that was dirty and unkempt? Didn’t think so. Therefore, our local Bellaire auto service center recommends washing the outside at least once every two weeks, and constantly keeping up with the inside—this means taking out the trash, vacuuming, washing windows, etc.

DON’T Customize!

If your first instinct after buying a new car is to customize it, don’t. Just stop. Right there. Nope. No more. Reason being, customizing your ride can actually decrease its value. If you MUST customize your vehicle, however, your local Bellaire automotive repair shop suggests sticking to the stereo and the wheels, as those parts can be put back in when it’s time to sell if necessary.


Our local Bellaire MN auto repair facility knows this is easier said than done, but companies like Carfax keep track of dings and dents that decrease your vehicle’s value. We simply suggest being careful on the road. Go the speed limit, come to complete stops, wait for the light to turn green. You know the drill.

Follow the Maintenance Schedule…and Keep the Receipts!

Preventive maintenance from our local automotive mechanics center won’t just save you money in the long run, but it’ll show potential buyers you’ve done all you can to take care of your vehicle. Imagine this situation: someone interested in your car asks about a certain part, and PRESTO: you’ve got all the info needed in hand

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