Car Care Tips: Coolant/Heater Hoses

Posted April 1, 2022

April is National Car Care Month in the United States, with the Car Care Council encouraging drivers from coast-to-coast to take some time to assess the health of their vehicle(s).

Click HERE to download a complimentary ebook from the Car Care Council and check out some info on your vehicle’s hoses below:

• Coolant hoses and heater hoses are components that CAN, and WILL, wear out in the lifetime of a vehicle, possibly even multiple times

• Age of the car and mileage are the most contributing factors to when hoses should be replaced

• In addition, today’s vehicles have much more cramped engine compartments creating more heat and in turn putting more stress on the hoses

• And although the engine likes heat for efficiency, the rubber and other reinforcement material in the hoses are weakened by it

• In addition, a rough idling engine can cause vibrations that strain the hoses and can cause premature failure

• One of the BIGGEST threats to hoses is OIL

• If your car has an oil leak and it gets on the hoses, the oil will ATTACK the rubber and begin to break it down

• Now many people will look under the hood and see the OUTSIDE of the hose looks ok, but that is NOT a good rule of thumb to practice

• Hoses will actually deteriorate from the INSIDE OUT, making it impossible to SEE the damage until after it has been replaced and you can see inside

• If you have a repair facility that you trust, then rely on their recommendations as to when you should replace it

• About 1/3 of vehicles are in need of new coolant hoses based upon past inspections

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your hoses or any other vehicle component, call our ASE-certified technicians at 651-426-0462 or click HERE to schedule an appointment at our Scheuneman Road location!

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