The Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

Posted August 3, 2020

With all the things you have to do each day, why bother with preventive maintenance for your vehicle? It’s just one more thing to add to your to-do list, right?

Wrong! Preventive maintenance can save you time, money and headaches galore. Here are some reasons why smart vehicle owners take the time for preventive maintenance:

Saves money: Preventive maintenance on your vehicle saves you money in many ways. Routine oil changes, for example, remove dirty oil and harmful debris in the oil that can cause engine friction and wear down parts. Tire maintenance and inspection keeps tire wear even and extends the life of your tires. No matter which maintenance tasks you look at, routine maintenance extends the life of your vehicle and potentially saves you money on more costly repairs.

Better gas mileage: Worn tires, unevenly worn tires, and improper tire pressure lowers gas mileage efficiency. Dirty engine oil can also decrease engine performance and use up more fuel. Vehicles that receive routine maintenance maximize their gas mileage, saving you money on fuel. Don’t underestimate the potential money-saving benefits of routine maintenance.

Saves time: Yes, checking your vehicle’s tire pressure and fluid levels takes a few minutes, but which minutes would you rather spend – a few now to check and replace missing fluids, or hours later when the engine overheats, the radiator cracks, or another problem occurs? Routine maintenance saves you time.

Prevents breakdowns and emergencies: While you can’t prevent every emergency or vehicle breakdown, you can prevent some by checking belts, hoses, tire treads, tire pressure and fluid levels yourself. Have your mechanic inspect the brakes of your vehicle every six months. By taking a few minutes to look over your vehicle or asking your mechanic to look over major safety components such as brakes, you can possibly prevent a breakdown or an emergency later on.

Extends the life of your vehicle: Let’s face it – when you take care of your vehicle, it lasts longer. External maintenance keeps the exterior of your vehicle clean and free from debris and chemicals such as salt that can cause pitting and rusting. Engine maintenance helps the engine run more efficiently and lessens daily wear and tear on engine parts. Vehicles that are properly maintained last longer, and that translates into savings for you.

Peace of mind: Routine maintenance reassures you that your vehicle is safe and in prime operating condition. Whether you’re a mother transporting your children to school or a businessman driving the highways to work each day, knowing that your vehicle is in great condition is reassuring. It’s one less thing to worry about.

Preventive maintenance on your vehicle doesn’t have to be time consuming and expensive. Give us a call at 651-426-0462 to learn more about how you can be more proactive with your vehicle’s health or click HERE to schedule an appointment with our ASE-certified technicians!

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