AM-PM Auto Repair Tips: What does your Oil Do?

Posted March 16, 2012

Engine oil can be that thing constantly nagging you in the back of your mind. Besides, it’s recommended you have it changed every 3,000 miles at our White Bear Lake auto repair shop, no matter what. But with so much dependent on your oil, at times it can seem all this attention is a little overplayed. But in truth, it isn’t. Here are a few ways your engine oil benefits your vehicle:

Cools It Down: As the oil travels through your vehicle’s engine, it takes up some of the engine’s heat as it travels through the various tubes. It then cools down as it makes its way through the oil pan. Though this cooling process isn’t enough to create a substantial drop in temperature without a cooling system, it still helps in the process.

Cleans the Engine: Most engine oils have trace amounts of detergent in them, which aids in clearing the black sludge that forms in the various tubes of your engine. It also helps by preventing similar build-ups in the future.

Lowers the Friction: When you visit our auto service, an ASE-Certified technician will tell you that engine oil’s most important job is to lubricate the engine and reduce friction. As your engine runs, dozens upon dozens of metal parts are rubbing against each other, and engine oil provides that important blockade between them. When your engine oil gets low, these moving metal parts begin to warp, which will ultimately lead to a complete engine overhaul or engine replacement.

Reduces Corrosion: Engine oil keeps your engine in proper working order by slowing down the rate at which your engine corrodes. When your engine oil is left in your engine too long, it thins out and doesn’t protect the engine as well as it should.

If you have any questions regarding engine oil and your vehicle, be sure to visit your localBellaire MN auto repair and talk to an ASE-Certified technician about maintaining your vehicle.

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