Don’t Get Ripped Off on Auto Repair

Posted January 6, 2012

Our local White Bear Lake auto repair shop prides itself in providing honest, thorough repairs to customers. The key to making customers come back is to be honest 100% of the time.  However, some shops don’t employ this same attitude. Here are three things to watch out for to not get ripped off:

  1. They sell you something you don’t need. This is the lowest, worst way to rip-off a customer, and it occurs regularly in shady shops.How to Protect Yourself: Before you agree to the repairs being done, make sure you understand why that repair is happening. If a part needs to be replaced, it’s worth it to ask the technician to show you the part and explain why it’s faulty. If you ever feel uncomfortable about any repairs, remember that you can always take your vehicle elsewhere to get another quote. Afterwards, verify that the repairs were done, and ask the shop to give you back your old parts.
  1. They didn’t know what they were doing. The auto industry is starving for techs these days, and this has led to many unskilled and unqualified mechanics flooding various auto shops. When you take your vehicle into one of these shops, you are paying for wasted time and diagnostics, and possibly parts you didn’t need.How to Protect Yourself: You need to select a shop that employs ASE-Certified technicians, like our automotive mechanics. This means that the technicians working on your vehicle are up-to-date on all the latest in auto safety and repair. Not only that, but techs must be re-tested every 5 years to ensure they are in touch on the latest auto repair skills.
  1. They Advertised a Price that isn’t Realistic. We’ve all seen those commercials and big, flashy signs promoting $99 dollar brake specials or $200 service deals. When it comes to some shops, preventative maintenance can have a misleading price tag.How to Protect Yourself: The general rule when it comes to auto repair is that if it sounds too good to be true, then it most likely is. Make sure you do business with honest shops, such as our reliable auto service, or be prepared to open your wallet!

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