Oil leaks can mean Big Problems

The slippery puddle underneath your car means more than just a stain on your driveway. An oil leak can indicate a bigger issue, and left unattended can lead to serious problems for your engine. Engine oil is critical for the performance of your vehicle. As it moves through the engine,

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3 Cat Litter Auto Myths – True or False?

Kitty litter often makes an appearance in lists for auto emergency kits or winter safety tips – but why is this strange “tool” so popular? What is it for? Does it really work? Here, we address three “myths” about cat litter to help you stay safe on slick winter roads

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Don’t Ignore that you just Hit a Curb!

Winter roads are slick in White Bear Lake, and across Minnesota. As you drive along snowy, icy roads this winter, use extra caution to remain in control of your vehicle to avoid slides and skids. At AM-PM Automotive Repair, we’ve seen many of our customers’ vehicles suffer damage from sliding

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Warning Lights: What They Mean For Your Car

We have all been there – starting up the car to see a flashing yellow or red symbol on the dashboard. Before you panic over an unfamiliar symbol, there are some simple steps you can take to address these common warning lights: Battery/Charging Alert – This symbol indicates that the

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5 Myths about Auto Repair

We understand what it’s like to be on the customer’s side of the counter. We’ve been there plenty of times at the doctor, dentist, or somewhere as simple as a gas station. We know what it’s like to be unsure of the service or product we are paying for. The

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Don’t Get Ripped Off on Auto Repair

Our local White Bear Lake auto repair shop prides itself in providing honest, thorough repairs to customers. The key to making customers come back is to be honest 100% of the time.  However, some shops don’t employ this same attitude. Here are three things to watch out for to not get ripped

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