Oil leaks can mean Big Problems

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The slippery puddle underneath your car means more than just a stain on your driveway. An oil leak can indicate a bigger issue, and left unattended can lead to serious problems for your engine. Engine oil is critical for the performance of your vehicle. As it moves through the engine, it keeps every moving part and component lubricated. Without the oil, friction and heat from these parts rubbing against each other cause premature wear and …… ( more )

Spring Car Care Tips

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Spring has officially arrived in White Bear Lake! But that doesn’t mean your vehicle is in the clear – changing seasons means it’s time for maintenance to make sure your vehicle will keep you safely and comfortable on the road through the spring and summer. As we kick off National Car Care Month, here are 8 things you should check on your vehicle to prepare for spring: 1. Antifreeze Many people think of antifreeze only …… ( more )

Why to Have A Reliable Auto Repair Shop Change Your Oil

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Engine oil is one of the most important fluids in your car. But sometimes, having the oil changed at your reliable Vadnais Heights auto repair every 5,000 miles can seem a bit excessive. We realize that oil changes can creep up on you—and though it may feel like 5,000 miles isn’t a long enough interval, not changing your oil can cause irreversible damage to your engine, costing you big bucks! So, why must we change our oil so frequently? …… ( more )