Three Tools to Protect from Ice

Posted January 19, 2017

This winter has brought snow and ice to Minnesota. When moisture and freezing temperatures combine, roads and driveways in White Bear Lake become covered in ice. Slick and slippery surfaces can be dangerous to pedestrians and cars on the roads, but a few precautions can help you stay safe in icy conditions.

  1. Salt or sand. When the ice is thick and slick, a layer of ice melt, road salt, or sand can provide extra traction. The city roads are often covered in road salt to help lower the freezing temperature of water, allowing the ice to melt faster. You can also purchase ice melt or a bag of sand to keep for your home. Use some when your sidewalks or driveway are covered in ice to keep your family safe.
  2. WD-40. Extreme cold combined with snow and ice storms can create frozen conditions – enough to freeze your garage door! Applying WD-40 to the bottom edge of your garage door can help prevent it from freezing to the driveway. This simple trick can prevent damage the next time you operate the garage door.
  3. Cat litter. Keeping a bag of cat litter (or sand) in the trunk of your vehicle can do two things. First, the added weight can help you remain in control on slick roads. Second, the cat litter can be used if you get stuck on a slick road. Cover the area in front of the stuck wheel with cat litter to give your tires something to grip on the road. Non-clumping cat litter works best.

As freezing weather comes to Minnesota, what are your tricks and tools for staying safe and warm in icy conditions? Let us know by sharing your tips on our Facebook page, and follow AM-PM Automotive Repair for more tips throughout the season.

If your vehicle struggles to maintain control in slick conditions, bring it into our White Bear Lake auto repair shop. Our experienced technicians will perform a winter safety inspection to make sure your vehicle’s tires, brakes, and key systems are equipped to handle winter conditions in Minnesota.

Request an appointment online or call 651-426-0462 to speak with our certified auto repair technicians.

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