Winter Travel Safety Kit

Posted November 23, 2016

While driving around Minnesota this winter, we never expect to become stranded in our vehicles. If you do end up in this predicament, here are 7 things you will want with you as part of your Winter Travel Safety Kit.

1. Cat Litter. Cat litter can be used as a traction aid. It may help get you out of that slick parking lot or ditch.

2. Mini Shovel. If you can dig yourself out, it may save you a lot of time and money while you wait for somebody to come to your rescue.

3. Cell Phone Battery pack. Make sure your source of communication for help doesn’t die on you. Keeping a battery pack in your console or glove compartment is a great way to insure your phone outlasts your emergency.

4. Booster Cables. Sometimes something as simple as a dead battery can leave you in a cold, dark parking lot. If you have the equipment to jump start your car, a good Samaritan will likely stop to provide the donor boost to get you on the road.

5. Blankets. If you are in and out of your vehicle for supplies or on the phone, your family will lose heat in the vehicle. Keep them safe and warm.

6. Windshield scraper. Even in a non-emergency, you should have something to keep snow and ice off of your windows. Driving with iced over windows is dangerous for you, and other drivers on the road.

7. Gloves. You will be miserable if you have to jump start your vehicle, scrape ice, dig out snow, or wait for help if your hands are unprotected.

Hopefully you will never need any of these, but in the event you do, you will be thankful you were prepared. All of us at AM-PM Automotive Repair wish for safe travels this winter. If you need anything for your vehicle, whether it’s a pre-trip inspection, oil change, or travel advice, stop by our auto repair shop in White Bear Lake or call us at 651-426-0462.

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