Freezing Temps, Broken Windows

Posted December 22, 2015

Cold winter mornings in Minnesota mean ice, slick roads, low traction, and hidden dangers on the road. But there’s one danger to your vehicle that you might not have considered: Frozen Windows.

On a warm day when you’re driving on the roads in White Bear Lake, you probably reach mindlessly for the button that controls your power windows. But what really happens?

Inside the door, that button activates a belt that pulls the mechanism that moves your window up or down. What happens inside is much more complicated that simply pushing a button, and the mechanics inside can require care and maintenance.

When there is a thick layer of snow on your window, it can be tempting to roll down the window to quickly push away the snow. But consider what can be hidden underneath – ice.

If the ice has collected around the window, you’ll need to scrape it away using a quality ice scraper before you even consider rolling down the window.

Why? That ice can hold your window in place, preventing it from moving when you press the button. If the window doesn’t budge but you continue to activate that mechanism, the belt will eventually snap. Your window will be stuck in place and you’ll face a repair in the $100s to fix an entirely preventable problem.

To see what a frozen window can do inside your car door, watch this video from the Monday Morning Mechanic:

If you try to roll down the window but it doesn’t budge – Stop! Don’t damage your window out of mindless habit. Make sure you clear away the ice and keep your vehicle safe in the cold.

To make sure your vehicle is ready for any conditions on the winter roads in White Bear Lake, stop by AM-PM Automotive Repair for a winter safety inspection or schedule an appointment online. If you ever have any questions about your vehicle, give us a call at 651-426-0462.

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