Fall Driving Tip: Safe Braking in any Weather

Posted September 22, 2015

Falling leaves, cooler weather, the first show flurries…the things that make fall such a beautiful time of year are the same things that make driving more dangerous! Slippery, wet leaves and the first icy patches of the season make it harder to stop when you need to.

In other words, during the fall season it’s more important than ever to be able to stop quickly to avoid an accident. Unfortunately, even the best brakes can’t stop a vehicle if your tires can’t grip the road.

So what can your family do this fall to stay safely on the road?

For starters, properly inflate your tires. Cold weather can mean a drop in tire pressure – as much as 1 psi per 10 degrees.

Next, make sure there’s enough tread. You can check this easily if you have a quarter – simply insert into the treat with George Washington’s head pointed down. If part of his head is covered by the tire, you have at least 4/32” of tread, which means you’ll be able to grip the road in lousy conditions.

Of course, tires aren’t the only thing needed to stop in bad weather!

If your brakes have felt squishy, have been making a strange noise or smell, or if you’ve felt any odd vibrations in the pedal or steering wheel, it’s a good idea to have your brakes inspected. Whether it’s a leak or a worn brake pad, it’s worth remembering that your vehicle only needs to do two things – stop and go. Anything new or strange with your brakes needs to be inspected right away!

By taking care of your tires and brakes, though, you’ll be able to navigate the slippery fall weather – and the cold months ahead!

Need help checking tire pressure? Time to replace your tires? Have a question or concern about your brakes? Give us a call: 651-426-0462

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