Weird & Surprising Auto Laws from across the Country

We’re all too familiar with parking and speeding tickets… but did you know it’s illegal to cross state lines with a duck on your head in Minnesota? The auto repair experts at AM-PM Automotive Repair are here to keep you informed and keep your vehicle safe – give us a

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3 Cat Litter Auto Myths – True or False?

Kitty litter often makes an appearance in lists for auto emergency kits or winter safety tips – but why is this strange “tool” so popular? What is it for? Does it really work? Here, we address three “myths” about cat litter to help you stay safe on slick winter roads

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Don’t Ignore that you just Hit a Curb!

Winter roads are slick in White Bear Lake, and across Minnesota. As you drive along snowy, icy roads this winter, use extra caution to remain in control of your vehicle to avoid slides and skids. At AM-PM Automotive Repair, we’ve seen many of our customers’ vehicles suffer damage from sliding

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Tips to avoid Holiday Traffic

From all of us at AM-PM Automotive Repair, Happy Holidays! This season is one of the busiest for holiday travel. And with unpredictable weather and road conditions in White Bear Lake, MN, and across the country, long road trips can be stressful. Before you head out for your holiday road

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October is Fall Car Care Month! (Infographic)

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: preventative maintenance is critical to keeping your car safe on the road. And now – during National Fall Car Care Month – is the perfect opportunity to review car care basics! Regular oil changes, properly inflated tires, and keeping up with

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