Oil leaks can mean Big Problems

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The slippery puddle underneath your car means more than just a stain on your driveway. An oil leak can indicate a bigger issue, and left unattended can lead to serious problems for your engine. Engine oil is critical for the performance of your vehicle. As it moves through the engine, it keeps every moving part and component lubricated. Without the oil, friction and heat from these parts rubbing against each other cause premature wear and …… ( more )

October is Fall Car Care Month! (Infographic)

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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: preventative maintenance is critical to keeping your car safe on the road. And now – during National Fall Car Care Month – is the perfect opportunity to review car care basics! Regular oil changes, properly inflated tires, and keeping up with recommended maintenance can help you extend the life of your vehicle and improve the way it drives. Check out this infographic for 5 key systems …… ( more )

Preventative Maintenance For your Car in White Bear Lake

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Getting the most out of your vehicle is as simple as implementing a preventative maintenance plan at our White Bear Lake MN auto repair shop. Let’s be honest for a moment—there’s no getting around the normal wear-and-tear of a vehicle, making preventative maintenance that much more important. The philosophy behind it is simple—to catch small problems and fix them inexpensively before they turn into huge headaches that wreak havoc on your bank account. Here are a …… ( more )