5 Myths about Auto Repair

We understand what it’s like to be on the customer’s side of the counter. We’ve been there plenty of times at the doctor, dentist, or somewhere as simple as a gas station. We know what it’s like to be unsure of the service or product we are paying for. The

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What is ASE and Why is it Important to You?

Finding a talented, trustworthy White Bear Lake transmission mechanic isn’t as hard as you think. You’ve probably heard the term ASE before and have seen the blue ASE logo in our shop’s window, but do you know what it stands for? Our team at Nightingale Transmissions would like to teach

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AM-PM Automotive Tips: Why ASE-Certified Technicians Matter

You wouldn’t hire a lawyer who hasn’t passed the bar to defend you in court, would you? The same goes for auto repair. You can’t take your vehicle to just any White Bear Lake auto repair shop when there’s an issue. To get your car fixed correctly the first time, you need

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