Pitfalls of Delaying Routine Maintenance

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With the economy the way it is, it’s easy to justify passing on routine maintenance. While it may seem like you’re saving money by not visiting our local White Bear Lake auto service, the truth is the longer you delay routine maintenance, the more damage is being done to vital components in your vehicle. To be honest, by delaying routine maintenance, you may not see significant damage initially, but it will catch up to your …… ( more )

5 Myths about Auto Repair

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We understand what it’s like to be on the customer’s side of the counter. We’ve been there plenty of times at the doctor, dentist, or somewhere as simple as a gas station. We know what it’s like to be unsure of the service or product we are paying for. The last thing we want is for our White Bear Lake neighbors to feel apprehensive about auto repair and maintenance. Here are some common myths about …… ( more )

What is ASE and Why is it Important to You?

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Finding a talented, trustworthy White Bear Lake transmission mechanic isn’t as hard as you think. You’ve probably heard the term ASE before and have seen the blue ASE logo in our shop’s window, but do you know what it stands for? Our team at Nightingale Transmissions would like to teach you why you should only let an ASE-Certified mechanic work on your vehicle. To get your car a thorough repair the first time, you need …… ( more )

Finalist for the 2013 Better Business Bureau Torch Awards for Ethics

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At AM-PM Automotive, we decided long ago that we didn’t just want to fix cars in a shop on Scheuneman Road in White Bear Lake – we wanted to be part of a community. We like to say that “we live here, we love it here and we hope it shows” and we strive to back up that mission with a commitment to integrity and ethics that permeates everything we do. We’re honored and excited …… ( more )

Preparing Your Car for Cold Weather

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Fall is here and it’ll be snowing in White Bear Lake before you know it. If you aren’t preparing your car for the changing weather already, you may experience complications sooner than you think. Our team at AMPM Automotive Repair has partnered up with the Monday Morning Mechanic to bring you this video about how the cold weather can affect your vehicle’s windows and how to prevent malfunctions. As you can see, it is important …… ( more )

6 Back to School Driving Tips for Teens

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September marks the beginning of a new school year and, while students are getting acquainted with their new classmates, a new crop of teen drivers will be on the road in White Bear Lake. We’re taking a break from our preventive maintenance tips to teach you or your teen how to survive the daily commute to school. Early mornings, school buses, kids dashing through parking lots, and fall weather can provide plenty of challenges for …… ( more )

Start saving money with a wheel alignment!

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Does your steering wheel vibrate while you’re driving? Do you notice your car drifting to the side of the lane making you really concentrate on driving straight? These are signs that you are could need a wheel alignment, a maintenance service that has plenty of benefits to keep you on the road and save you money in the long run. A wheel alignment is the simple task of adjusting the angles of your wheels so …… ( more )

7 Ways You Can Improve Your MPG This Summer

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Summer time is the best season for the outdoorsman and the hardest season for the car owner—rising temperatures means rising gas prices. Here are some tips to keep your wallet happy this summer rather than feeling the pain at the pump. The next time you have your oil changed, have the air filter checked. Replacing a dirty air filter with clean one can save up to 10 percent on fuel costs. Check your tire pressure. …… ( more )

The Four-Stroke Power Cycle

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What is your car’s RPM measurement when idling in neutral? How about when you are cruising at 35 mph? 50 mph? Did you know that if your RPM measurement is not consistent, you could be blindly wasting money every time you fill up at the gas station! Paying attention to these details is vital to your car’s health as well as your automotive knowledge. RPM stands for revolutions per minute and measures the revolutions of …… ( more )

The Importance of Timing Belt Replacements

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Overlooking a simple replacement service can cost you thousands of dollars. Take the timing belt for example. This video will explain the benefits of timing belt replacements and the expensive consequences you could face if your belt should brake. Remember, our technicians are always here to help with any of your automotive repair needs.  If you are in the White Bear Lake area, stop by our repair shop or call us at (651)-426-0462 to set up an …… ( more )